Aged Old TrunksThumb.jpg 3.1K
Aged Old Trunks.jpg

Woody Allen Movie RuinThumb.jpg 3.2K
Woody Allen Movie Ruin.jpg

MahoganyThumb.jpg 2.2K

Deco Faux Wood inlayThumb.jpg 3.3K
Deco Faux Wood inlay.jpg

Grained DoorThumb.jpg 2.4K
Grained Door.jpg

Green MarbleThumb.jpg 2.0K
Green Marble.jpg

Marble Close-upThumb.jpg 2.5K
Marble Close-up.jpg

Marble InlayThumb.jpg 3.0K
Marble Inlay.jpg

Marble Finishes for Metropolitan Museum DisplayThumb.jpg 2.8K
Marble Finishes for Metropolitan Museum Display.jpg

NY Undercover Faux MarblesThumb.jpg 4.2K
NY Undercover Faux Marbles.jpg

NY Apartment WindowThumb.jpg 3.3K
NY Apartment Window.jpg

PatinaThumb.jpg 2.7K

Aged Masonry At 6 FlagsThumb.jpg 4.1K
Aged Masonry At 6 Flags.jpg

Egyptian Funerary StatueThumb.jpg 3.2K
Egyptian Funerary Statue.jpg

WoodgrainThumb.jpg 3.4K

Woodgrained OfficeThumb.jpg 3.4K
Woodgrained Office.jpg

TV Stained Glass_Thumb.jpg 4.8K
TV Stained Glass_.jpg

sofiFull_Thumb.jpg 3.6K

Flaked and Layered PaintThumb.jpg 2.6K
Flaked and Layered Paint.jpg

Cracking Paint for 'Law and Order'Thumb.jpg 3.1K
Cracking Paint for 'Law and Order'.jpg

Gilding and Aging at the Paris Casino Thumb.jpg 3.8K
Gilding and Aging at the Paris Casino .jpg

Stone Finishes Painted over Graffiti Covered BuildingThumb.jpg 4.1K
Stone Finishes Painted over Graffiti Covered Building.jpg

Two-Toned Lobby MarblesThumb.jpg 2.8K
Two-Toned Lobby Marbles.jpg

New York Building AgingThumb.jpg 3.0K
New York Building Aging.jpg

Tile Stove Paint and AgeThumb.jpg 3.3K
Tile Stove Paint and Age.jpg

Wall Treatment at 'Sofi' Restaurant,NY Thumb.jpg 3.4K
Wall Treatment at 'Sofi' Restaurant,NY .jpg



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