3-D Billboard for 'The Hard Way'Thumb.jpg 4.2K
3-D Billboard for 'The Hard Way'.jpg

Christ StatueThumb.jpg 3.5K
Christ Statue.jpg

Egyptian Funerary FigureThumb.jpg 3.2K
Egyptian Funerary Figure.jpg

Pharaoh CastingThumb.jpg 2.7K
Pharaoh Casting.jpg

Trojan Horse for 'The Thomas Crown Affair'Thumb.jpg 4.3K
Trojan Horse for 'The Thomas Crown Affair'.jpg

Zoo GateThumb.jpg 5.1K
Zoo Gate.jpg

40' Bas-reliefs for 'Aida' Thumb.jpg 4.5K
40' Bas-reliefs for 'Aida' .jpg

Terracota Carving, Casting and VacuformingThumb.jpg 3.2K
Terracota Carving, Casting and Vacuforming.jpg

'Analyse This' Fountain SculpturesThumb.jpg 3.6K
'Analyse This' Fountain Sculptures.jpg

12' Cartouch at Metropolitan OperaThumb.jpg 4.2K
12' Cartouch at Metropolitan Opera.jpg



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